What is Blue Cube?

Blue Cube is a Decision Support tool providing Natural Gas Transport Capacity Optimization via a subscription service.

Blue Cube evaluates every option in real-time and definitively identifies the best utilization.

Since capacity volumes, losses, and charges assigned to a pipeline capacity agreement generally vary across input/output locations, a single capacity agreement can result in hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of segmentation options. Holding multiple agreements exacerbates the problem.

As a result, companies holding capacity rights face the daunting challenge of identifying their best utilization from all of the available segmentation options while simultaneously meeting their gas requirements and adhering to the ever-present pipeline scheduling deadlines.

To accomplish this, most transport capacity holders monitor a subset of their utilization options based on their prior experience. While this approach generally captures a fair amount of an agreement's value, it leaves value on the table - both by missing opportunities for incremental uplift as well as by delaying the recognition of longer-term movement in the spreads. Blue Cube enables organizations to evaluate every option in near real-time and definitively identify their best utilization.

Blue Cube Features

  • Real-time Monitoring of Capacity Agreements Against Market Conditions
  • Fine-Grain Control over Model Inputs
  • "What If" Capabilities that Empower Gas Desks
  • Trade Watch Identifies your Next Trade

Blue Cube Benefits

  • Evaluates Every Option to Definitively Identify your Most Profitable Capacity Utilization
  • Frees Desk Resources for "Best and Greatest" Use
  • Eliminates Missed Opportunities - Extract Every Last Half-Penny
  • Improves Decision Timeliness and Accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Blue Cube Work?

Blue Cube is a natural gas transport capacity optimization tool which helps companies maximize the value of their natural gas transportation capacity rights. Subscribers enter their capacity details (i.e. Capacity Volumes, Loss Factors, and Commodity Charges), positions (optionally), storage plan strikes/volumes (optionally), and market prices into Blue Cube. Blue Cube evaluates the economics of all potential utilization options and provides subscribers with the most profitable options. As prices or other inputs change, Blue Cube reevaluates EVERY option to provide subscribers with up-to-the-minute guidance on how to best utilize their capacity to maximize their margin.

Blue Cube help improve margins by:

  • Identifying opportunities for incremental uplift in capacity agreements
  • Improving the timeliness of decision making
  • Highlighting changes in pipeline economics and the evolution of spreads
  • Helping staff hone their instincts and their understanding of the natural gas markets
What does it mean that Blue Cube is "Software as a Service"?

Software as a Service is a term used to describe a method of delivering software to subscribers. Blue Cube subscribers don't need to worry about managing an application environment - there's no computer hardware to buy and no computer software to install. All that's required is a monitor, Google Chrome, and an internet connection - Blue Cube subscribers access and utilize the Blue Cube service directly from our website. Blue Cube is provided as a service over the internet.

As such,

  • Blue Cube is a hosted solution accessible to subscribers anywhere they have an internet connection
  • Subscribers don’t need to buy or manage any hardware
  • Subscribers don’t need to license or install software to run Blue Cube
  • Blue Cube takes responsibility for ensuring service uptime and data continuity (e.g. backups, etc.)
  • Subscribers can begin using Blue Cube immediately after subscribing
  • Subscribers can choose from different levels of subscription terms
How is Blue Cube licensed?

Blue Cube subscriptions are available under a named-user model. Volume discounts are available. Organizations with multiple users share data (e.g. capacity agreements, prices, etc.).

What Subscription Terms are Available?

Our subscription terms are flexible but longer terms have lower monthly fees.

How Do I Start Using Blue Cube?

Our mission is to ease life on the gas desk. To that end, all data loading and configuration is included with your subscription at no additional charge.

With that said, you may choose to manage your data yourself. Blue Cube's data capture screens are intuitive, fully documented, and include an easy-to-use import function.

Once you sign up, you'll tell us which agreements you'd like to model (all pipelines are supported) and we will pull your contracts from the relevant EBBs and model them. Once you've approved our modeling (e.g. rates, etc.), we will provide a short training and you can begin using Blue Cube.

The entire setup process is completed less than a day and you can begin using Blue Cube immediately thereafter. We will provide unlimited support throughout your subscription.

Can I Automate my Data Feeds?

While users can always use Blue Cube's screens to enter data, most customers feed price, position, and/or storage plan data directly into Blue Cube via our web API.

Users may also utilize our Excel Add-In to monitor a price feed within Excel and push any price changes directly from their spreadsheet to our web API.

How Hard is it to Maintain Data?

Minimal data maintenance is required. Prices are fed automatically. Tweaks to a capacity variables (e.g. charge, etc.) can be input via the appropriate screen or captured via import/API integration. And keep in mind that data maintenance is included with your subscription and Blue Cube is always available to minimize your data maintenance.