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Blue Cube monitors market conditions in real-time to identify the best utilization of your transportation rights to maximize your profits while meeting your physical gas requirements.

Natural Gas Transportation Optimization Software

Blue Cube keeps you a step ahead!

  • Blue Cube is a Decision Support tool providing Natural Gas Transport Capacity Optimization via a subscription service.
  • Blue Cube enables organizations to evaluate every option in near real-time and definitively identify the best utilization.
  • Blue Cube’s "What If" capabilities empower gas desks. Whether tweaking prices to evaluate potential moves in a market or adjusting capacity volumes to reflect an OFO, Blue Cube provides timely and accurate insight.
We made a simple solution for complex situations.

Let Blue Cube be your ally in the daily fight for margin!

Transport optimizers literally race the clock … collecting a myriad of data, determining optimal solutions to imbalances, submitting schedules by the always looming deadlines … not to mention the constant demands of downstream functions or having to keep the rest of the desk informed.

Sometimes it can feel as if time itself has become the enemy.

Let Blue Cube be your ally in the daily fight for margin!

Secure & Fast

Blue Cube customers access and utilize the Blue Cube service directly from our website.

Easy to Setup and Use

Getting started is easy and setting up your data takes hours.

Subscription Based Service

Subscribers can choose from a variety of subscription terms.

Immediate ROI

Monitor all options and spreads as they happen, eliminating any missed opportunities.